Organise the event, fill the room, engage the sponsors

This is what our Promotions Division does, in essence. What this doesn't convey is that we're recognised as a worldwide top 50 event planner, have never failed to achieve less than 98% of target attendance and have access to a large book of sponsors - some exclusive to us - looking to promote at your event.

Event Hosting

TRAYT Promotions is proud to have hosted some of the most unique and engaging events and experiences around the world. We also bring our experience and contacts to organise events on behalf of our clients.


We know how to pack out an event, no matter the size or the venue. What's more? We combine multiple innovative strategies across digital and physical to attract the right target audience.


Many of our events are designed to attract specific groups of people with particular interests and demographics. We help sponsors to promote their brand at specialised events.

Global connections

We have the widest and strongest 'black book' of connections - including venues, sponsors and service providers - both online and physical across the globe.

Ruthless determination

We've run some of the most exciting events on the planet, we truly understand what it takes to be successful. Whatever your vision, we'll make it happen.

Let's have a party...

Whether it is an entertainment event, or educational, philanthropic, artistic, political... anything. We are your partner of choice to make sure it's as successful as it could possibly be.