About Us

Results, innovation, success

Our Mission

TRAYT Group has been fortunate to lead realisation of game-changing concepts working alongside a host of exciting, innovative and fast-growing brands and businesses.

It is indeed our mission that sets us apart from all other partners available to you today and is embodied by the word after which our brand was inspired – a ‘trait’ or defining characteristic. Our defining characteristic is bringing together genuine talent, ruthless and relentless in achieving your goals, enthusiastic and driven to help you succeed and committed to making it happen. As important to us as it is to you, we have never taken a penny for our work without making two pennies for our clients; a principle that we are proud of and continue to uphold.

Our Story

From our foundations in digital media and marketing, we have expanded into importation, event promotion and sponsorship. We found these new service lines to be a natural progression and complimentary to the work that we were already doing on behalf our clients. We are uniquely positioned with the skills, contacts, experience, knowledge and determination to partner with clients in these areas and resolved to bring this to the fore as part of a formalised offering.

In addition, TRAYT Group has moved into operating its own proprietary ventures, initiatives and projects. This work is not on behalf of clients but where we see opportunity to add significant value for example through philanthropy, seed investment and concept realisation.

Business value, transformation and success

Meet the Team

TRAYT Group started with just three individuals but more importantly than this, it started with the belief in limitless capability, achieving the seemingly unachievable and doing so with ethics and dignity. These three people thought that if they could do so for themselves, why not partner with select individuals or organisations as well. Now these three remain at the helm of TRAYT Group, overseeing a phenomenal team of people to deliver against our mission.

Elliott Simpson

Founder & CEO, TRAYT Group

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Timi Balogun

Founder & CEO, TRAYT Group

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Omar Sheikh

Managing Director, TRAYT Promotions

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