Our defining characteristic

Since we started our mission, TRAYT Group has been fortunate to lead realisation of game-changing concepts working alongside a host of exciting, innovative and fast-growing brands and businesses.

It is indeed our mission that sets us apart from all other partners available to you today and is embodied by the word after which our brand was inspired – a ‘trait’ or defining characteristic. Our defining characteristic is bringing together genuine talent, ruthless and relentless in achieving your goals, enthusiastic and driven to help you succeed and committed to making it happen. As important to us as it is to you, we have never taken a penny for our work without making two pennies for our clients; a principle that we are proud of and continue to uphold.

From our foundations in digital media and marketing, we have expanded into importation, event promotion and sponsorship. Find out more about how we can help you in these areas by clicking through below.


Specialists in partnering with innovative and newly upcoming brands or products to generate exposure, recognition and high volume sales across the globe. We know how to get results.


Boasting the most innovative team in advertising today, our media and digital marketing division has a proven track record in supporting start-ups and top brands to reach their full potential.


Whether large or niche, our promotions division puts on some of the most outstanding events worldwide. We also use our extensive network to facilitate sponsorship opportunities.

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